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Pole Dance

Pole dance is an art form combining acrobatics, creativity, and self-expression. It boosts confidence, strength, and flexibility by pushing you beyond your comfort zone. Become the pole dancer you've always dreamed of being!

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Pole Dance for Everyone

We offer programs for all levels - from beginners to elite. Our step-by-step guide takes you from basic positions to advanced moves like splits and jumps. Courses are taught by elite instructors in professional videos.

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New Lessons Every Week

Fitplayce provides a beginner's course with weekly video updates. Progress at your own pace and repeat lessons as needed. This is your unique journey, and we're just getting started!

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Craft Your Perfect Routine

Track your progress, check off mastered elements, and create playlists for maximum efficiency. Easily cast videos to your TV via Chromecast or loop specific sections.

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Exclusive Community

Join a global pole dance community. Share your progress, connect with other dancers and instructors. Post photos with captions or use templates to professionally describe your moves for others to try!

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Ready to Start Your Pole Dance Journey?

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